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Sale – IMB-Spirk Ges.m.b.H

Trading of special equipments for foundation engineering

We advise and assist our clients not only in technical matters, but also provide assistance for refetting of equipment and we have continously extended our product range of special equipments for foundation engineering, injection pumps and mini injections.

MOMPS – Mobile Mini Mixer Grouting Station

Our innovative new products …

  • MOMPS – Mobile-Mini-Mixer-Grouting-Station and
  • MOMPS-SP-F – with screw pump and speed control
  • MOMPS-HA – semi automatic

… are suitable for grouting applications including e.g. anchors, micro piles and soil nails. The compact design allows the unit to be transported on a small trailer or pick-up and is particulary suitable for job sites with restricted space.


The mixing plant has been designed to produce a cement-water suspension as well as being able to handle liquid or solid additives. Water batching is controlled by a digital induction flow meter and cement batching by bags. Delivery from the mixing tank to agitator is controlled via manually operated valves. The impeller is a colloidal type, having no further valves.


The injection pump is a two plunger design with automatic valves and potentiometer for separate adjustment of pressure and flow. The control panels are placed next to the batching display for ease of use. As standard, the injection performance can be controlled by a stroke counter and preset display.


The operating elements for mixer control are located directly next to the cement addition point. As standard, the injection performance can be controlled sidewards at the control cabinets with push buttons (+ / -) with a varibale delivery volume from 17 to 70 l.


The unit is provided with weighing device and allows semi-automatic loading via screw pump from the silo.


The manipulator is suitable for picking up and moving the inner and outer rods of drilling equipment. The manipulator consists primarily of two retaining plates that can be swiveled at 90° from one another. One plate is fastened to one excavator arm using a bolt or quick release. Two vise-grip wrenches are attached to the second plate. One has a fixed and the other a moveable clamping jaw.


    • The cylinders of both of these clamping jaws and the pivoting cylinder are controlled from the operator‘s cab of the excavator. The remaining kinematics to position the rods is used from the excavator.
    • Two switching valves triggered by two electrical switches are needed for mounting on the support frame.
    • To simplify installation, we have developed our IMB-QMS-3CVS/4CVS. With this system you can easily and quickly install our manipulators (2-axis and 3-axis) on your device.

    Technical details, images and information – COMING SOON – to the following devices:

    • Manipulator IMB-GMA-180-MPVA-P2A with/without IMB-GMA-3CVS
    • Manipulator IMB-GMA-250-MPVA-P2A with/without IMB-GMA-3CVS
    • Manipulator IMB-GMA-180-MPVA-P3A with/without IMB-GMA-4CVS
    • Manipulator IMB-GMA-250-MPVA-P3A with/without IMB-GMA-4CVS

    Injection Plants

    HPI 6

    Our injection plant HPI6 is suitable for mixing and injection of various types of slurries. The mixing materials are delivered by suction pipe and a duplex plunger type pump is fitted for the pressure grouting.

    Application types: Soil improvement, vertical shoring, elevation grouting, remediation, sealing, contact grouting

    The injection plant can be supplied with the following options:

        • External hydraulic power pack with PC control
        • Onboard hydraulic power pack including inductive flow-meter, pressure sensor and digital recording device
        • Mini injection unit together with our MM 300

        MM 300

        The mixing plant MM 300 has been adapted to produce a cement-water suspension. The plant also has been adapted for mixing up to 3 liquids and 2 components. The cement components are load by bags or screw conveyor.

        The compact design allows to use the unit both as single and container unit.

        Due to the individual components design the injection unit ICK is particulay reliable for cusomized applications and is able to fulfil all te requirements for:

        Soil improvement, vertical shoring, elevation grouting, reconstruction, sealing, contact grouting, anchor grouting, flushing pump

        The container is used as support assembly and can be adapted with diverse types of pumps. The container is equipped with connections for the mixing plant MM 300 and with additional power connnections and canbus systems for up to 8 injection units.

        Further injection pumps

        IMB – IMP100

        Sale IMB Spirk - Injection pump IMB IMP100

        Injection plant IC 90

        Sale IMB Spirk - Injection pump IC 90

        Injection plant IM 90

        Sale IMB Spirk - Injection pump IM 90

        Drilling rigs

        The M18 is characterised by excellent versatility and compactness. It has been designed for the execution of micro/minipiles, tie rods, etc. in particularly uncomfortable and narrow working areas.

        The modular design of the system allows the use of further components with additional performance features and offers a perfect combination of efficiency and safety.