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IMB Manifacturing

Expanding its own production department

In our establishment in Henndorf, Lagerhausstraße 7, we not only manufacture parts for our equipment and self-manufactured products, on request, we provide further spare parts at the highest technical level! Our certified and quzalified staff is always available with help and advice.

  • Welder certification acc. OENORM EN 287-1:2011

This makes it possible for us to meet the individual needs and requirements of our customers through the adaptation of standard equipment and so to ensure the best possible implementation of difficult special assignments.

Our services include:

  • Subcontracting
  • Adaptations
  • Spare parts
  • Conversions and modifications

Many of our components are distributed all over Europe!

Technical Information

IMB Spirk Manufacturing - Turning Operation

Turning Operation


Max. Swing over diameter 700 mm
Max. Turning diameter 490 ( 390) mm
Max. Machining length 1315 mm
Spindle bore 102 mm
Motor power 30 kW
No. of tools 12
No. of live tools 12
X-axis stroke 260 mm
Z-axis stroke 1315 mm
Y-axis stroke 110 mm (+60/-50)
Bezel DM 50 – 200 mm
IMB Spirk Manufacturing - Milling Operation

Milling Operation


Spindle speed 1200 rpm
No. of tools 24
X-axis stroke 610 mm
Z-axis stroke 610 mm
Y-axis stroke 510 mm


Many of our components are distributed all over Europe!

Company Location Unit
Strabag Canada Injection plant
Arge Saturn X Amsterdam Injection plant
Arge Horizontal Düsseldorf Pipe icing
Max Bögl BauGmbH Sengenthal Pipe icing
Hinteregger&Söhne Salzburg Injection plant
Bachy/Soletanche England Shaft drill rig
Per Aarsleff Dänemark Manipulator
JV Söderström Stockholm Injection plant
Anleggsdrifft AS Norwegen HDI Injection plant equipment
Jetbau Germany Mixing plant
Porr AG Germany HDI-Measuring Instruments
Porr AG Austria HDI-Measuring Instruments
HTB Innsbruck Hydraulic crawler drill and equipment
Eggstein Switzerland Drill rig
Injectobohr SRL Switzerland Drill rig
Trimobau Italy Drill rig
Hütte Olpe Manipulator