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Muldenbahn Rifflsee – the somewhat different construction site!

09. December 2020
Muldenbahn Rifflsee HBR 504

With our geothermal drilling rig HBR 504 not only drillings for heat probes but also drillings for micro piles and anchors can be done!

  • Building project: 6 SBK Muldenbahn Rifflsee
  • Client: Pitztaler Gletscherbahnen GmbH & CoKG
  • Sea level construction site approx. 2300m
  • Scope: 80 small bored piles with a length of 8 to 18 meters
  • Total length approx. 1100 m
  • Expansion with GEWI piles
  • Diameter 50mm for the valley station of the new Muldenbahn