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Happurg – Lake on pillars

09. December 2020
Happurg - Lake on pillars

” …. HAPPURG: At the upper basin of the pumped storage plant, there was – as reported – a sudden water leakage in January. After an emergency draining, about a dozen break-ins in the bottom of the basin were detected. Further cavities are suspected in the limestone of the Deckersberg.

After months of examinations and tests, the specialists believe that they now know the ground so well that they can build a new stable pelvic floor on it.

Essential element of the new fixing of the pool according to the latest state of the art

In future, the 15-meter deep water basin, which has a diameter of 300 meters, will no longer rest solely on the rock whose unknown caves and crevices led to the leaks. Instead, the entire pool floor rests on thick concrete columns. These are rammed or milled 20 meters deep into the ground. A total of more than 11,000 of these approximately 60-centimeter thick pillars will then support the water reservoir.

A layer of clay up to 1.20 meters thick forms the conclusion …. “


(Nürnberger Nachrichten, 22.12.2011)